We take safety very seriously at Louee. | Louee Enduro and  Motocross Complex

We take safety very seriously at Louee.

Motorcycle riding is Dangerous

 Maps, track information guides, price lists and rule sheets are available from the main reception desk when you arrrive. We insit that all guests on the property obey the rules. Rule breakers will be asked to leave. We don't offer warnings or refunds to those unwilling to abide by a few simple rules.

Also prior to ridng at Louee all riders and spectators will be required to complete a waiver. We do everything we can to make your ride here at Louee a safe one, however, every rider rides at their own risk.

Before heading off to Louee we would like to remind you to prepare yourself and do everything you can to avoid an accident. These simple points of advice may help

  1. Download the directions to Louee from this website and plan the journey. A confused, tiring trip is no way to start a bike ride.

  2. When you arrive at Louee, proceed directly to reception. You will be asked to complete and sign a waiver, then given a rider induction. You will be required to pay your track entry fee's at that time and ask for maps and advice if you need them.

  3. Prepare your bike. Poorly maintained bikes can and will hurt you.

  4. Prepare yourself. Good protective clothing significantly reduces injuries. Also drink and carry adeqate water for your ride and eat normal meals to maintain a healthy blood sugar level.

  5. Stay off the Grog. Alcohol is banned during ride times at Louee but hangovers are a major accident cause. Plan your trip without alcohol.

  6. Plan your ride. Work out where you are going before you go and don't ride tracks that are above your ability. Risk taking is the highest accident cause.

  7. Keep your eyes out. You never know what others will do. Assess who you are sharing the track with, overtake with caution, be courteous on the track and look out for your fellow riders. We share the tracks. Multi bike accidents are the most serious.

  8. Look out for your mates and Children. Accidents happen without warning. Don't be guilty of being somewhere else or not watching when your friends or childen need you most. We have track marshals at Louee but they can't be everywhere at the same time.

  9. Ask for help. Don't be frightened to ask for help before or during your ride. We are here to help and most bike riders are great people and can also help point you in the right direction for a safe ride.

Louee does not have public risk insurance, therefore , all riders on Louee must sign a legal disclaimer/waiver before they ride their bike on the property and ride at their own risk.
You or your bike will only be covered by insurance if you have it yourself. Well planned rides can reduce accidents but accidents do happen. Make sure you are covered before you ride, you cannot do it afterwards.

If you are not sure what enter and ride at your own risk means or you don't know what the financial implications of an accident are we strongly urge you to seek specialist legal, medical and insurance advice before arriving. Doctors, ambulance drivers, helicopter pilots do not work for free.

If you are bringing a child under 18 years of age that is not your child and intends to ride at Louee, we need to have a " DEED OF APPOINTMENT OF TEMPORARY GUARDIAN " form signed by the riders parents/guardians and brought to the track with the rider. You will then be able to sign the childs waiver on behalf of the childs parents. If you do not bring the form the child will not be able to ride.

Please download the temporay guardian forms here.
You will need Adobe Reader installed on your computer to see the PDF files. If you don't have the Adobe Reader installed on your computer (Adobe Reader is free and pre-installed on most computers) then see download it first.

Plan a safe ride at Louee. Don't hope it will just happen.

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With more than 10,000 acres at our disposal, the Louee Enduro & Motocross Complex has tracks and courses to suit every rider

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Make sure you know where we are. Louee is approximately one hours drive from Lithgow.

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Louee has a range of accommodation options, suiting families and groups.

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The weather at Louee can be somewhat variable. Prepare for your ride, and make sure you check for all eventualities.

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