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Track Facilities

At the Louee Enduro & Motocross Complex we provide as complete a riding experience as is possible. This includes extra features that you will not find at any other bike park. Things such as our massive workshop with free mechanic. Yes, just pay for parts and we will do our best to get you back onto your bike.

Louee Bike Workshop.

We stock a large range of parts and accessories in our workshop including oil and lubricants, tubes and tyres, levers, plugs, chains, brake pads, nuts, bolts, goggles, gloves and elbow and knee guards.

The huge workshop is well equipped with tools, tyre machine, welders, air compressors. Our new workshop has parking areas where you are able to service your own bike using our tools or you can take the option of handing it to our free mechanic.

We only charge for parts and tyre fitting, general parts fitting is FREE.

Bike Wash.

We like you to leave the dirt at Louee rather than taking it home in your van, ute or trailer.

  • Concrete wash area equipped with 3000-psi pressure washer.
  • Available to all riders.


Bacon and egg Rolls, Steak and Sausage sandwiches, Burgers, chicken and ham salad rolls, hot and cold drinks and confectionary is available at the trackside during ride times.

Attached to the kiosk is a very pleasant and shaded outside area with tables and chairs.

Overnight Bike Lock-up.

  • 40 foot shipping containers
  • External Lock boxes.
  • ABUS locks.
  • Bikes individually locked down with 24 tonne break strain high tensile chain.
  • Random Periodic overnight checks are undertaken. We take all reasonable steps to ensure your bike is safe from theft, however no guarantees are offered.

Trackside Amenities.

  • Septic ladies and gents toilets.
  • Free hot showers after a hard days ride.

First Aid.

  • Basic First aid officer on duty during ride times.
  • Comprehensive first aid kit on site.
  • Emergency Care flight helipads are positioned throughout the complex.

    Motorcycle riding is a dangerous activity. We strongly recommend every rider purchase ambulance cover and some form of personal injury insurance and plan their trip by reading the safety and legal page on this website.

• On-Site Accommodation.

Please refer to our accommodation listing on this web site.

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With more than 10,000 acres at our disposal, the Louee Enduro & Motocross Complex has tracks and courses to suit every rider

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Make sure you know where we are. Louee is approximately one hours drive from Lithgow.

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Louee has a range of accommodation options, suiting families and groups.

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The weather at Louee can be somewhat variable. Prepare for your ride, and make sure you check for all eventualities.

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